You just graduated from high school. No more tests, early morning classes, or a schedule that you don’t have much control over. The future is yours, and you can do anything you want with it — if you don’t decide to go to college or work right away.

Not everyone has the privilege of taking a gap year or even taking a summer off; however, if you have the opportunity and aren’t quite sure what you want to do with your future, then we encourage you to travel after high school graduation.

Not everyone is ready for college

Young people are expected to go to college upon high school graduation. However, it’s a major decision to make. Not only does a student have to decide on a school (typically well before he or she graduates), but he or she also has to pick a major.

Many decisions go into that process and, quite frankly, it’s an expensive decision to make. Not everyone is ready to go to college. Your studies of 12 years just concluded, and you need a break. College might be in your long-term future, but it’s perfectly fine if traveling is in your short-term plans.

Not sure where you want to venture? You don’t have to go abroad. For example, you could Take the LAN150 Challenge and mark destinations off your Michigan bucket list. The world is full of journeys and breathtaking places, especially in your own backyard. Traveling in your own state or nearby can also help you save money as opposed to going abroad.

While we all have to grow up and do what’s right for our future. If you feel like you’re not ready for college, then you shouldn’t force it. You can do other things with your life until you’re fully prepared for your next educational adventure.

It gives you time to make your big decision 

Traveling after high school graduation gives you time to make your big decision of deciding on which school you want to go to and/or which major you want to pursue.

Traveling is actually good for your mental health, and it gives you time to reflect on your situation, whether you want to work after high school or go to college (or both).

Even if your future is already set up, whether it be a job or university enrollment, traveling after high school gives you time to relax, discover the world, and find out who you are without the struggles of schoolwork, deadlines, schedules, etc.

You still have minimal responsibilities and an entire lifetime to work

Traveling after high school doesn’t have to lead to a gap year, but it certainly can. Nonetheless, and while everyone’s situation is different, recent high school graduates tend to have minimal responsibilities. They have the rest of their lives to work.

Their main responsibility, which is going to school and getting a high school diploma, just concluded. Before the next big responsibilities arise, such as living on their own, going to college, and working, they can decide to travel. This travel period is a reward for what they accomplished, and it can allow them to return to the real world refreshed and with new perspectives.

This adventure can be anywhere in the world and can even feature fun things to do in Maui. From trails to ocean excursions to the Hawaiian culture and vibe, a place like Maui will truly provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for recent high school graduates.

You can find many reasons to travel after high school graduation, and if you have the time and money to do so, we highly recommend it.