There are five types of teachers who can regardless of their age, background, personality, or learning style. From a professional certificate for project managers to early childhood educators and instructors who shape young minds, these teachers represent the best practices in teaching, having a transformative impact on students of all ages. These educators are well-versed in their particular knowledge areas but are even more well-suited to teaching these learners valuable life lessons.

1. The Encouraging Teacher


The Encouraging Teacher is a person who makes his or her students feel valued and important. They give off positive energy and make their students feel comfortable in the classroom. They are able to build relationships with their students and help them grow as individuals. The Encouraging Teacher is able to push students to do their best while still making them feel like they can succeed. This teacher is encouraging and upbeat, always looking for the best in their students. They build relationships of trust and respect, creating a classroom community where students feel comfortable taking risks. This teacher is willing to take the time to help students understand the material, even if it takes longer than expected. They are never too busy or too frustrated to help a student who is struggling. This teacher may have sought out early childhood education online, as one possible option—this age group, after all, needs particular attention and encouragement. With a focus on student-centered learning, this teacher ensures that all students are engaged in the classroom. As a result, learners of all kinds are transformed by this teacher’s approach.

2. The Wise Teacher

The Wise Teacher is the kind of teacher that all learners need. They have a knack for understanding how each student learns and they use this information to help them grow. They know how to cater to each student’s needs and they work tirelessly to help all of their students reach their fullest potential, even as those students learn at their own pace. They know how to get the best out of each student and they work hard to help all of their students reach their goals. They are always looking for new and innovative ways to help their students learn and they are never afraid to try new things. They never push their students too hard and they always allow them to take their time. They know that if students are rushed, they will not be able to learn as effectively. Whether you’re a traditional student or a project management professional preparing for a certification exam, these teachers will offer insights into the subject at hand and so much more.

3. The Passionate Teacher


The Passionate Teacher is genuinely excited about the subject they are teaching and they love to learn. They are constantly looking for new ways to engage their students and help them learn. This teacher is passionate about their subject and they love to share their knowledge with their students. This teacher is a master of making learning interesting and engaging. They use a variety of methods and techniques to keep their students’ attention focused on the task at hand. Their students are always eager to learn more and they develop a love for learning. Their enthusiasm is infectious and it inspires their students to learn and achieve their best. Whether through an in-person or online course, these teachers make class more fun.

4. The Challenging Teacherimg

The Challenging Teacher is not afraid to push their students to their limits. They demand excellence and they hold their students to the highest of standards. However, they also provide the support and guidance that their students need to succeed. Their students learn to take risks and to persevere in the face of challenges. This teacher is strict but fair, and they expect their students to work hard. However, they also provide the support and encouragement students need to be successful. This may even be an unconventional teacher, such as someone leading a PMP exam prep course in Houston. These tutors work with challenging material but ensure their students are prepared for the PMP exam, another professional certification or credential, or the subject at hand.

5. The Caring Teacher

The Caring Teacher is always there for their students, both emotionally and academically. They are supportive and they provide the encouragement and motivation that their students need to succeed. They are a shoulder to cry on, a friend to talk to, and a mentor when needed. They help their students to believe in themselves and to reach their full potential. This teacher is always looking for new ways to teach the material, whether it’s using technology or different methods of instruction. They want their students to be engaged and excited about learning. Above all else, they care about their students.