High school isn’t easy. In fact, some students may even find that it’s an absolute nightmare or that it’s a really stressful period of time as they pursue academic excellence and participate in a lot of extracurricular activities. The workload can be overwhelming to a lot of students. Once in a while, they deserve a break from all of the academics. Allow them the time to enjoy each other’s company and relish in their youth by throwing a party. Here are a few fun party ideas for hardworking high school students.

Roll Out the Red Carpet


That’s Hollywood, baby! Students can dress up as different celebrities, and you can roll out a literal red carpet. It’s a great way for them to have fun with their outfits. Have them submit their favorite music prior to the party. That way, you can select the songs beforehand and make sure they’re appropriate. You can even hand out some student awards as if it were a red carpet event heading out to an elaborate awards ceremony. Students can nominate each other for different categories such as “best dressed,” “most likely to become famous,” or “most likely to marry a celebrity.”

Chill in Pajamas

There’s really nothing quite like a good pajama day. High school dress codes often don’t allow for kids to don their sleepwear to school. To be frank, there really isn’t any high school student who wouldn’t love to just show up in what they usually sleep in. If you’re throwing a party for high school students, they probably deserve a break for all their hard work. Maybe they’ve all been studying for AP exams, applying for a national honors society scholarship, or preparing for the SATs. Surely, they’ll appreciate a party that’s a little bit more low-key and allows them to just chill out and take a breather.

Bring It Back


Plan a party that’s inspired by childhood! Bring it back to the good old days of having no responsibilities and enjoying afternoons playing at the arcade. You can Google search “arcade rentals near me” to find arcade game rentals. Choose classics like Guitar Hero, Ms. Pac Man, or Dance Dance Revolution. Renting out these arcade games is a great chance for students to enjoy fun times with their fellow classmates. Students can also dress in retro-inspired clothes, perhaps as their favorite childhood characters.

Iconic Duos

There are plenty of duos throughout history that students could dress up as. At the end of it, you could even award a prize to the most iconic duo that shows up to school. Think of fun characters like Scooby and Shaggy or Mario and Luigi. It can even be something as simple as peanut butter and jelly or a Parisian and a piece of toast. Students also have the option of dressing up as characters from classic literature or history. Some iconic duos include former President John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy, Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy, or even Romeo and Juliet. There are plenty of choices for students to have fun with their outfits.

Maybe you’re throwing a party for a high school club or an end-of-the-year party for the entire student body. Whatever it may be, encourage the students to dress up according to a theme and go all out with themed party decorations and snacks. Don’t skimp out on renting some arcade games or even tabletop games to ensure that the kids have fun activities. You can rent out air hockey tables or carnival games like Skee-Ball. Or, you can keep it simple by hosting a pajama party and projecting a movie, and providing snacks. These are just a few fun ideas for you to consider.