Vacation is a powerful way to reset and recharge. Heading off on an adventure that makes you feel connected with the world and ready to explore is a one-of-a-kind feeling. Plus, this traveling is important because it has the potential to benefit your physical and mental health.

If you’ve been on the edge of deciding when you should travel, then this is your sign to book the vacation. As a general rule of thumb, summer is a great time to travel because the weather will likely be warm and enjoyable across the United States. So, now that you’re on board to book, you may want to consider these tips and ideas to have a unique summer vacation.

Don’t underestimate the National Parks.


Everyone has a different idea of what’s fun for vacation. However, few can argue against seeing some of the United State’s most beautiful spots. At some point, everyone has one of these National Parks on their travel bucket list. If you’re looking for a beautiful place on the East Coast, check out Acadia National Park in Maine. This is one of the best places to go in the summer when the weather is warm because you get the best of both worlds with mountains and the ocean.

While at Acadia, you can hike trails like the infamous Beehive Loop, get splashed by incoming waves at Thunder Hole, drive up to Cadillac Mountain for an unforgettable sunrise or sunset, or take a quick cool-off break at Sand Beach. If you want to stay at Acadia, you can camp here. They offer campground rentals so you’re able to pull up your camper or pitch a tent once you’ve reserved your spot at the campground.

Skip the hotels and rent out a cozy place to stay.


Maybe you’re ready to stay near Acadia, but you don’t want to camp there. Instead of looking into hotels, you should consider short-term rentals instead. This way, you can take all of the time you want to explore your surroundings rather than rushing through like you might with a hotel or Airbnb. If you’re nearby Maine or any other interesting location that you want to search for temporary housing then simply search online for “short term rentals near me” to find the best reservations available.

With these rentals, you can have a fully furnished rental for thirty nights if you want to really submerse yourself in this area’s abundance of habitats. Plus, summertime in New England is so much different than fall and winter so it’s worth making your stay a bit longer to cherish this time. With this in mind, you get to enjoy the scenery and take in the views on your own time without the hassle of signing a binding lease.

Remember to learn about the culture and history.


Another important factor in planning a unique and memorable vacation is taking time to understand the area’s rich cultural heritage. One place to start is to learn about the indigenous peoples’ importance to the specific land that you’re on because chances are that land belonged to a native tribe. For example, Maine is home to four tribes called the Wabanaki. While in the Acadia area, check out the Abbe Museum in Bar Harbor to dive deeper into these indigenous origins.

With all of this being said, simply take time to visit various museums, reservations, art galleries, and historical sites no matter where you are traveling to. Learning about a place’s history and culture is one of the best ways to appreciate it for what it is. Plus, it creates distinct memories because each place you visit is so individually special leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime.