Creating a luxurious experience for your clients is something that salons all around the United States are striving for. Salon customers book appointments with the intention of being pampered and well taken care of. This is often easier said than done; creating a luxurious experience takes a lot of planning and a significant amount of work to reimagine a stale salon space. However, with the coronavirus pandemic closing many of our businesses for much of 2020‚Äîand continuing into this new year‚Äîthere’s a unique opportunity to reinvent your business in order to welcome back clients to a totally reimagined salon that exudes luxury and high-end amenities.

Upgrade your equipment.


Introducing a new lineup of salon chairs is a great way to kick-start a brand-new image. Giving your stylists access to the best salon chairs on the market, as well as the tools of the trade, will help you exude that luxury image that you’re seeking for your clients. A salon is all about the atmosphere you produce for your clients. Of course, the talent of your stylists is important too, but they will do their best work if they feel that luxurious atmosphere as well. It‚Äôs all about the state of mind that you bring to the table for your guests. This state of mind is what sets average and fantastic salons apart from one another.

Bringing in professional equipment is the best way to immediately boost your salon’s stature among your community of routine clients. With new salon chairs, as well as hair washing and drying stations that give your customers the highest level of comfort and ease, you can begin to bill yourself as a high-end service that rivals many of the highest-rated competitors in your local market.

Send your stylists for additional training.


Another way to improve upon the offerings in your salon is to continually train your stylists. When seated in the styling chair, your clients are putting their trust in the barbers and hairstylists that work in your outfit. If they aren‚Äôt up to the task, then customers won‚Äôt be leaving as happy as they should be. Client comfort begins with high-quality equipment, but it ends with a competent stylist that matches the price point they’re agreeing upon when they enter your shop. Continuing to educate your team on the latest trends in style and technique is a great way to improve upon the services that you offer as a team. Your job is to make the styling dream of each client a reality, so beginning each new job with the tools for success is a must when it comes to client comfort and total happiness.

Bring in additional amenities to add those little touches.

A professional hairdresser does a lot of little things right. Part of the job of a hairstylist in the U.S. is to listen and provide banter for the client. This relationship with the individual in the barber chair is part of what brings men and women back every few days, weeks, or months for their routine hair maintenance. Finding a hairdresser that you trust is a big ask for many Americans. We all need haircuts, and while a third of Americans always return to the same hairdresser time and again, the majority of women (about two thirds) in the U.S. are unhappy with their hairstyle.

This means that hair trends and the relationship between stylist and client is essential to creating the perfect cut each and every time. Part of this experience comes from the small things that a barber or hairdresser remembers during a routine visit. Building up a loyal following among clients is part of the job, but remembering that Susan wants a light highlight, and John likes his hair cut with only scissors goes a long way to improving the feeling among clients. Adding Voss Water bottles in bulk to your stocks is a great way to jumpstart this relationship with new and returning clients. Smaller features like a greeter who takes coats from clients as they enter or a complimentary bottle of luxury water and small snacks goes a long way to making salon guests feel special in this space of beautification and relaxation.

If your environment isn’t a welcoming one, then you shouldn’t expect to foster deep, long term relationships with new customers. This is an important part of the business, and it fosters a unique community-mindedness when you can provide these crucial rejuvenation services to your local area with grace and consistency, so keeping these smaller details in mind is a large part of the process of creating a luxury place for self-healing and improvement.

Think about a new location to better serve your clients.


Many salon owners rent a space for their business and have to consider moving at the end of each lease term. If you’re coming up to the end of a lease, a move might be the perfect way to jumpstart the next phase of your development as a luxury space for hair and attitude beautification. Utilizing a moving company like Solomon & Sons Relocation (see is a great way to protect your belongings while moving and to get the professional help necessary for this type of move at a great price.

Hiring a mover to conduct this transition into a bigger or more favorable location for your clients is the best way to take advantage of a crucial business service. Moving is a major pain for businesses; your equipment is typically bulky and heavy, and renting your own moving van is a surefire way to damage expensive and valuable equipment along the way. Professional movers are certified to drive these bulky vehicles and have extensive experience boxing up smaller items and packaging larger objects for safe transport. Leaving this job to the professionals is the best way to make the most of your new space rather than having to handle losses along the way.

Upgrading your salon to appeal to higher-end clients is a part of the cycle of any salon. Make the move to these upscale inclusions now.