Are you looking to sell your house but are not sure where to begin? Then you’ve come to the right article. If you’re Googling “checklist to sell my house” and are going down a spiral of infinite checklists, this article will help you sort out your thoughts. Selling your house will be a challenge, but it will be possible nonetheless.

During this process, you’re going to need to clean or replace everything from your blinds, carpets, doorknobs, and even the front door. Likewise, you’re going to have to dust your walls, ceilings, baseboards, AC vents, and fans, among other things. The objective of this article is to help you organize yourself when preparing your house for showings.

You’re also going to want to rearrange your furniture to make it more appealing to potential buyers, pack up any personal items and figurines, beautify your indoor plants, and remove any scented candles that may cause allergies. You can also take this opportunity to add lamps to any darker areas in your home to create a bright space for your potential buyers.

Here is the ultimate home seller’s checklist.

Living Room


In your living room, you’re going to want to create a welcoming environment. You can do this by keeping your coffee table clear so your guests can place their items if they’d like to take a seat and discuss any details of the house. Likewise, you can remove any ashtrays and give the room a deep cleaning in case it smells like cigarettes or tobacco. You can also store any toys that may be lying around so no one trips on them and use throw pillows to give the room a homey feeling for your visitors.


Your bedroom may be a room you’re going to have to tidy up every day if you still live in the house. So ensure you make your bed every day and that the bedding is attractive and in good shape. Organize any bedside tables and your closet space so you don’t have misplaced items and shoes around the room. Remove any vacuums and wall decor other than any tasteful pieces of art that embellish the room. You can find self storage to keep any items that clutter your home. Self-storage will help you make extra room in your home to display only the essentials to sell your home.



Make sure your bathrooms are clean and free of unpleasant stains that can throw off your buyers. You’ll need to sanitize your toilets, bathtubs, showers, and countertops. Your towels should be washed and spotless, cabinets organized, and your soap or hair product bottles cleaned and tidy.

Kitchen and Dining Room

Your kitchen is one of the biggest selling points in your home, so it should be treated as one. Ensure the countertops and dining tables are pristine and free of any food, your ovens clean, refrigerator doors shiny, and your floors swept. You’ll want to keep your pet products away from these areas to enhance sanitation. You’re also going to want to organize your pantry and box up any kitchen or dinnerware you don’t actively use.

Garage, Laundry, and Patio


Your garage and laundry may be messy the rest of the year, but while this process is happening, make sure you keep your tools and clutter in order. Sweep both areas so you don’t have dirt on the floor and remove any unwashed clothes baskets so your guests aren’t met with foul odors or visuals. Likewise, rake any leaves on your patio and clean your exterior walls. Remove any pet droppings and go the distance as to install a nice outdoor patio table with chairs and an umbrella to make it appealing to your buyers.

Selling your home will require you to keep your house in immaculate shape, but in the end, it may just be the reason your buyer chooses your house as their new home.