Having a second home that functions as a vacation rental makes for a lucrative income property. The key to increase earning potential is to have a property that stands out to renters by offering the right amenities. Homeowners need to be willing to invest in upgrades that capture the attention of renters. Spend some extra money on an income property to attract more bookings and soon the investment will pay for itself. Take a look at some of the top vacation rental upgrades that convince travelers to book. 

The Perfect Kitchen 

Many travelers choose rental homes over hotels because it is cheaper to cook at home than to dine out every day. Create the perfect kitchen by equipping it with modern appliances, a dining space, dishes, and cookware. Consider updated flooring, give cabinets a new coat of paint, and replace the hardware on cabinets and drawers. Brighten up your space with appropriate lighting and don’t be afraid to paint the walls. 

Cozy Bedrooms

Offer guests cozy and comfortable bedrooms. No one wants to lose sleep while on vacation. Comfortable mattresses and soft sheets are a must when it comes to bedrooms. Make sure there are plenty of pillows and extra blankets and put up curtains to keep out light during the night. If a room can accommodate two people, put bunk beds in place of single mattresses to free up space and create a home-away-from-home feeling. Make sure there is sufficient lighting in the room, and have a place for guests to put their clothes. 

Vacation rental management companies like Vacay AZ know how to make homes stand out with a custom interior design, marketing, and personal concierge services. They treat rental properties like their own, focusing on the needs of both property owners and guests. 

Clean Bathrooms 

Upgrading bathrooms can get pricey, so focus on the basics when possible. Ensure that the hot water heater functions and that the plumbing is problem-free. Test water pressure to make sure it is steady. Replace the floors if they look worse for wear and paint the walls if they look out-dated. Install attractive lighting, roll out a plush bath mat, and provide spa-quality towels. Extra touches like candles, bathrobes, and nicely fragranced soaps also make a difference. 

Remember the Exterior

First impressions are lasting, and the first thing renters see is the exterior of a property. Maintain the front yard with simple landscaping. Ensure that gutters are clean and the yard is free of debris and overgrown grass. Inspect the paint and determine if power washing or repainting is appropriate. Even something so simple as updating shutters with a fresh coat of paint can make a big difference. If the property has a backyard, add some outdoor patio furniture to create a relaxing space that allows renters to enjoy time in the fresh air. 

For vacation homes located in sunny places, going green with clean energy is a big selling point for eco-conscious travelers. Solar panels in Arizona result in lower utility bills, tax rebates, and initiatives. Consider investing in the installation of solar panels from Vision Solar, LLC to increase home value, save money, and protect the environment. 

Putting it All Together

Market vacation properties with quality, high-resolution photos. Use proper lighting to showcase the character and amenities of the home. Photos are the first impression renters have of the property and the basis on which they decide to look at more details or find another home. Pique interest with catchy titles and descriptive language, but don’t go overboard. Use the right language that shows off the uniqueness of the home and be sure to include information about the surrounding neighborhood and attractions.