Winter is the perfect time for fuzzy sweaters, warm drinks, and home improvement projects. While many homeowners tend to save a lot of their renovations for the spring or summer, the winter season is actually a great time to do some work around the house—contractor rates are usually lower, scheduling is more flexible, and people tend to simply have more time on their hands compared to the spring and summer. Here are a few projects to consider completing this winter:

Add Some Insulation

If you’re looking for an easy project that will benefit you in multiple ways, then you may want to think about adding some insulation around your home. If you’ve noticed that your energy bills are higher than usual, it may have something to do with your heat—when you have a poorly insulation attic and ductwork, you’re going to lose a lot of heat, which results in increased energy use. 

Touch Up Indoor Paint

Painting is the perfect project to do in the winter months when you’re stuck inside. You can change the color of your living room, touch up your painted cabinets, or even paint your bathroom tile. If you’re looking to hire a professional painter, now is the time to do so—painters are usually less busy during the winter months and paint tends to be less expensive than in warmer seasons. Painting is a simple way to completely change the look of a room. So if you’re wanting to improve the look of a room or your entire house, consider taking on some painting.

Install New Flooring

If you’re tired of your current floors or are maybe looking to replace cold tiles with some warm carpet, winter is a good time to install new flooring. There are endless options for flooring—whether you want to upgrade to some nice hardwood floors, go the more eco-friendly route with bamboo or cork flooring, or want to make your basement more cozy with carpet, there are a lot of possibilities. 

It’s important to note that installing flooring is usually a more involved, and more expensive, home improvement project. And if you’re looking to fund your renovations, you may be looking for financing options. So, should you consider refinancing your mortgage? If money is tight and you really need to do some work on your house, refinancing your mortgage can help—you may be able to get a lower interest rate, fewer fees, and access to your home’s equity. All of these features can help give you extra money you need to put back into your house.

Get A Pool Net Cover

Whether you live somewhere with snow or not, you need to properly cover your pool for the winter months. And if you’ve gone without a cover so far, it’s still not too late to get one—getting a proper cover in the middle of winter is better late than never. A pool net cover consists of a tightly woven, durable material that will effectively keep debris out of the pool. And not only will a net cover keep the pool clean, but it will also prevent people or animals from accidentally falling into the pool. 

Replace Old Hardware

The kitchen and bathroom hardware can make a big difference in how the overall room looks. So if your hardware is outdated or you’re tired of the finish or style, consider replacing it. This is a task that takes little time and effort—you can even paint your old hardware if you don’t want to buy all new pulls and handles. And while this may seem like a very small change, you’d be surprised at how much a new finish or style can change the entire aesthetic of a room.

While there are some home improvement projects, like roof work and landscaping, that usually have to wait until spring or summer, there are plenty of other tasks that can be done in the winter. So for a few easy ways to improve the look and value of your home this winter, keep these project ideas in mind.