Alicia Keys was right: New York City is where dreams are made. New York is home to some of the greatest food and entertainment in the world. But if that’s not enough, here are five more reasons to move to NYC.

Everything you need is in the city

Above all else, living in New York City is convenient. If you’re hungry at midnight, there’s a restaurant open. If you need milk, there’s always a bodega down the street. Regardless of what neighborhood you live in, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find what you need within a few blocks of your apartment.

New York City is not only walkable, but it’s also home to one of the best public transportation systems in the world. After you learn how to navigate the subway system, you’ll never have to worry about getting around.

New York is a city of freedom and opportunity.

The competition is rampant in New York, but so is the opportunity. Moving to NYC requires a dream and the ambition to realize your dream. In a city as diverse and populous as New York, the opportunities are everywhere—you just need to work for them.

NYC also offers great freedom. In such a diverse city, you can be as weird as you want and you’ll blend in. Get as many tattoos as you want, dye your hair bright pink, and wear whatever you want. Regardless of your lifestyle, you’ll find acceptance in New York.

New York City nightlife is unmatched.

Whether you’re into music or comedy, there’s always something happening in NYC. If you’re looking for something to do after dark, catch a concert at Madison Square Garden or a Broadway show at the Music Box Theatre. 

If you’re planning last minute, don’t worry—TodayTix offers discounted prices on premium seats, even for Tony Award-winning shows like Dear Evan Hansen. Named “one of the most remarkable shows in the musical theater history” by The Washington Post, Dear Evan Hansen is a one-of-a-kind, must-see show for any Broadway fan.

If you’re more into sight-seeing, explore Times Square at night or take a trip to the Top of the Rock for breathtaking views of the city.

You’ll meet people from all over the world.

New York is America’s melting pot. Residents of NYC speak over 800 languages, and over 36 percent of the residents are from other countries.

NYC’s diversity creates a unique environment that you won’t find anywhere else. You can go on a culinary journey in Manhattan alone, or you can hop on the subway to explore somewhere new in minutes. Living in NYC makes it easy to travel without leaving home—you can explore new cultures, eat new food, and watch performances from cultures all over the world without leaving the city.

You’ll grow as a person.

If you can make it in New York City, you can make it anywhere. You’ll need to roll with the punches and learn to adapt to city life if you want to make it in NYC. To succeed in New York, you must work hard and grow up fast. You’ll adapt to the high energy, fast pace of the city, and you’ll become the best version of yourself. While other cities allow you to sit back and relax, living in New York will inspire you to rise to the occasion and find out what you’re made of.
Living in New York City isn’t always easy, but it’s always entertaining. In the words of Dorothy Parker, “London is satisfied, Paris is resigned, but New York is always hopeful. Always it believes that something good is about to come off, and it must hurry to meet it.“ If you’re thinking about moving to NYC, check out these moving resources and tips by Rite Move to ensure your move goes smoothly.