As a business owner or manager, finding new ways to increase productivity in the workplace should be a top priority. And while there are plenty of small changes you can make, like getting better internet and expanding your team, there are a lot of other methods that will have an even bigger impact on productivity. So let’s explore a few strategies you can try that will help your employees to be more productive at work.

Utilize time-tracking tools

The first step in boosting productivity is finding out exactly how much time is being used or wasted — and this is where time- or productivity-tracking tools come into play. Being able to track your team’s hours will help you to see how much time each task takes to be completed. In doing this, you can see which tasks are taking the longest and even which employees are being the most productive. After using these tools for a while, you can start to re-organize tasks, cut out some steps completely, and ensure employees are being held accountable for the time they spend on projects. Keeping track of time spent on tasks is a good first step in increasing productivity.

Create a comfortable workspace

Are your employees working in a dark, cramped space? If your team doesn’t have a comfortable workspace, there’s a good chance they’re not being as productive as they could be. Employees need basic interior features like natural lighting, comfortable chairs, and functional tables in order to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. You should have designated areas for individual work, like offices or private work areas, as well as open floorplan spaces so people can work together, like in focus groups. And giving your employees something like a coffee bar can help keep them motivated when working long hours. If you don’t know where to start with changing the interior design, you should hire an interior design firm. When you work with a reputable Los Angeles office interior design company, you can ensure your team has a workspace that is comfortable, welcoming, and helpful for getting real work done every day.

Invest in proper training

Training your employees to do their jobs right will make a massive difference in productivity and overall performance. Not only should you ensure new employees are trained properly, but existing employees, too. As your business grows, your employees will take on new tasks, use new platforms, and have new technology to use — and it’s important they can keep up with changes. So you should continuously invest in training for all of your employees so they can continue to learn new skills, develop new strategies, and do their jobs better every day. Investing time and resources into your employees will keep them happy and ensure they’re doing their best to help the company thrive.

Conduct the right market research

If you want your employees to be productive and help your business succeed, then you need to conduct market research. Working with a market research company will be beneficial in a number of ways — knowing exactly who your audience is and what they’re looking for will allow your employees to work on projects that they know will succeed. This means marketing efforts will have a lower risk of failing and your team won’t waste time on efforts that aren’t right for your audience. A market research firm has the knowledge and experience needed so you’re not wasting time and part of your annual revenue on promotional materials that won’t target the right people.

Boosting productivity can help companies save money, invest time into other projects, and ensure deadlines are being met. So if you’re looking to increase productivity in your business, keep these tips in mind.