Being a truck driver can be a dangerous occupation due to the many factors that can lead to an accident. While many accidents involving truck drivers are not the fault of the truck driver, there are steps every trucker can take to stay safe while on the road. You never know what can happen out there, and before you know it you could end up needing the services of a truck accident lawyer. In this blog, you can find a few tips for staying safe out there on the road, so you can do your job and feed your family..

Prepare well for your trip

You’ve completed your pre-haul inspection and are ready to head out on the road, but there are a few other things you should do to prepare for your trip as well. When going on a long-haul trip, it is important to look into possible construction, areas of congestion, rush hour, etc. While you cannot control these things, you can be prepared, so you aren’t forced off a highway for gas in an area you don’t want to stop, or get stuck in an area where you have trouble maneuvering.

Pay close attention to space cushions

In an ideal world, other cars and vehicles will maintain a safe distance from you. However, this isn’t always the case, so it is super important for you to maintain a safe distance from the vehicles around you as much as you can. Remember, just because you’re being watchful doesn’t mean the other drivers on the road are as well.

Watch the weather

Similarly to construction and areas of congestion, you cannot control the weather. However, you can be prepared for the weather. You can gauge your route and your timing based on the predicted weather and make adjustments as needed. While the weather is beyond your control, you can check forecasts and if possible take alternate routes, or at least be more careful on your trip.

Go super slow around curves

Erring on the side of caution is always the best route when on the road. Even if you are pretty confident going around the curve, slowing down won’t hurt, and you can compensate for the unexpected including a possibly slick road or debris in the road you didn’t see going into the curve.

Eat healthy meals/Get plenty of rest

When you are on the road constantly, it is easy to get into bad eating and sleeping habits. You eat a lot of overly processed food and snacks, and you sleep the bare minimum to get through the trips as quickly as you can. However, poor eating and lack of sleep can significantly impact your reaction time and your level of awareness while driving. You should try to eat as healthy as possible when you’re on the road, as your reaction time could depend on it.

Always, always have the proper health insurance

There are many short term health insurance plans out there that you can look into. Being on the road means being exposed to many different germs and bacteria, resulting in a few trips to the doctor or emergency room that you don’t want to get stuck paying for. Besides, if you are in an accident or get sick on the road, you want to be prepared.

These are just a few of the top tips out there to help you stay safe as a truck driver on the road. Remember, getting enough rest and eating properly is a start. Being prepared before you ever leave your home is important as well. You want to be safe while doing your job and this is a great way to do it!