Don’t let the day job get you down. Investing your time in a side hustle is a great way to add some extra coinage to your bank account and spend your days pursuing a passion.

1. Live Streaming

Live streaming isn’t just for those who play video games on Twitch. In fact, with some creativity, you can live stream just about anything. A live stream is typically just live video or a live broadcast on any social media channel. If your live broadcast finds a large audience, you can even begin to sell subscriptions to your channel. A monthly subscription on your streaming platform of choice is a good idea if you want to make extra money, sell merchandise, and snag advertising revenue. Look into affiliate programs to see how much money streamers made in the last year. Whether it’s a game play-through channel for Twitch users or general video content on Facebook Live, becoming a streamer can be a boon to your finances. All you need to know is how to make money live streaming.

2. A Reseller Business

Resellers purchase retail merchandise like home decor by the truckload or pallet. They then sell that merchandise at a markup to turn a profit. Resellers rely on liquidation pallets to secure products at a fraction of the retail price. This is typically a result of customer returns or excess inventory. Your own merchandise offerings are only limited by your imagination. Typically, with liquidation, you only pay the shipping cost. However, some liquidation services ditch the shipping cost and will send pallets for free.

3. Food or Grocery Delivery

While you likely won’t be purchasing by the pallet or truckload, food and grocery delivery services have only grown in the past year. Especially with social distancing recommendations, it’s a good idea to get involved with a delivery platform. Demand has never been higher and will likely continue to grow in real-time.

4. Website Consultant

Want to help improve websites? Know a content creator that could use some help? Be a web consultant. You can improve a site’s privacy policy and cookie settings. You may even be able to get an affiliate link or some roll ads placed on the site in exchange for a cut of the profits. Just make sure that browsers understand the use of cookies when visiting a site.

5. Blogging

Some people think that blogging is so last year. However, if you’re a strong content creator, there’s still money to be made. If your blogs are top-notch, you may even be able to get a sponsorship or partner status with a product line. Just avoid hiding content behind a paywall option until you have a large enough audience.

6. Start a Podcast

Whether you’re doing live video discussions or simply an audio broadcast, podcasts have seemingly never been more popular. Plus, for broadcast streamers, getting started doesn’t require a whole lot of financial investment.

7. Online Surveys

Online surveys can net you a solid chunk of spending money each month. Simply look into which sites are well-reviewed. If any of them have a brand-name sponsorship, they could be a solid option for you to choose.

8. Passenger Pickup

While Uber and Lyft demand is down, people still need to get from Point A to Point B. Especially if you’re taking the necessary precautions, you could find yourself netting some solid take-home pay from being a driver.

9. Online Teaching

With social distancing in place, doing a live video teaching broadcast can easily make you some extra coins. Typically, you’ll want to join a partner program on a streaming platform to get started. Teachers who are also live streamers are in-demand at the moment.

10. Proofreading

If you pride yourself on your attention to detail, proofreading is the side hustle for you. You can spot mistakes in both written and video content and help tidy each broadcast or piece of content for public consumption.

Your side hustle is only limited by your creativity. While these are some prime examples, who knows what you could find yourself doing for that added bit of income.