If there is one thing Florida is known for, besides its sandy beaches, it’s the high humidity and heat that pelts the area during the summer months. It’s blazing hot about eight months a year, and the high humidity doesn’t help. While there’s a lot to love about Florida, the heat isn’t one of those things.

The extreme temperatures mixed with the high humidity can work to make even the most seasoned sun worshiper wilt and seek the shade. The combination can also make older residents and tourists sick if they aren’t careful, so everyone is always looking for a way to get cool and still have some fun.

Whether it’s looking for a way to wear your eyeliner and makeup without it melting off your face, searching for a pool to take a dip in to lower your body temperature, or searching for a friend who has working air conditioning you can bask in to cool down, getting cool becomes a priority. The simplest way to beat the heat in Florida is to create your own cool oasis, that’s why you can find a few tips below for creating a cool oasis in the Sarasota heat that will leave you chill and refreshed in no time at all.

Stop the heat.


The best way to beat the heat in Sarasota and other parts of Florida is to stop the heat from getting in, to begin with. There are a couple of ways that you can do this. The first way is to have reliable air conditioning in your home so that the heat can’t reach you. Direct AC is a Miami AC repair service that will install your HVAC unit and keep it running for you as well. The humidity in Florida can drain the life out of everything in sight, so staying holed up in your apartment or house with the AC running full blast is a great alternative.

You can also make sure where you live has plenty of shade that covers the house which stops the waves of heat from pounding on the roof of your home. After all, you don’t want your pair of gargoyle geckos to get too hot inside of their terrarium. You already know to line their cage with peat moss, live plants, and to feed them a gecko diet of crickets, and other foods, but you don’t want your adult gargoyle gecko to get too hot or its hatchlings to get too hot either. The best way to keep a gecko from getting overheated is by having AC to keep them, and yourself, cool.

Get your own backyard pool.


Instead, of going to the public pool or the beach on those sticky, hot, humid days you might want to consider investing in installing a pool in your own backyard. The pool contractors Bradenton FL professionals will be happy to come out and give you an estimate and help you decide what the best style and size of pool you need. The pool company has years of experience backing them and are pros at new pool installation. This custom pool builder can have you swimming in style in no time at all in your own custom pool. You’ll be the hit of the neighborhood and no longer have to go to the public pool that you’re not sure what type of germs could be swimming in, or to the beach when it’s so crowded you can’t find the water.

Change up your makeup with some magnetic lashes.


While you don’t want to go without your makeup in the summer months, especially your mascara and eyeliner, the humidity and heat will take care of that for you. If you still can’t bear to do without them, try a set of magnetic eyelashes instead. Your real lashes clump and smudge when you use mascara on them in the summer heat, but magnetic lashes don’t do that and they’re easy to take off as well. You can also use a magnetic lash liner so that your makeup and lashes are flawless even in the middle of a heat-soaked day or a steamy night at the Florida clubs, whichever you’re enjoying at the moment.

However, you do want to keep your makeup and magnetic lashes out of reach of children, and if you have a pre-existing eye condition you need to speak to your doctor before using any eye makeup. If you experience any eye irritation the first time you use magnetic lash liner you should discontinue use and consult your doctor. If not, then these products can give you a natural look and help to keep you cool in the sweltering heat of a Florida summer, at the same time.

Use your home wisely.


One of the easiest ways to stay cool in the middle of a heatwave is to use your home wisely. For example, if it’s 110 degrees in the shade, you don’t want to have your curtains thrown open to the heat of the day. Also, consider how much machinery you operate inside your home on a daily basis. TVs, video game consoles, and other electronics give off additional heat that, on a hot day, makes those rooms even hotter. Lamps and overhead lights give off heat as well, so try to keep them off as much as possible.

Everyone knows that stoves and ovens heat up a home faster than anything else does. Besides who wants to cook on a day where it’s 100 degrees outside? Consider firing up the grill on those hot days, and then taking a dip in your new pool. Call over the neighbors and grill together to conserve energy and to keep each other company in the heat of the summer. Even though it’s hot outside, you still want to have all the fun you can.

Eat light foods.


Another way to stay cool during the hot Florida summer months is to eat light. No one wants to eat a heavy meal during the heat of the summer, so eating light is the best way to go. Fix yourself a veggie and fruit tray or some healthy roast beef sandwiches and a plate of chips. When you do decide to cook, do it on the grill outside where you can grill steaks, chicken, and other healthy meats, then add a salad to the mix for extra nutrition. You can even grill your veggies to perfection as well.

Play inside (with the air conditioners on).


While it may be tempting to get out and about in the middle of a heatwave, it’s not advisable. It’s best to find ways to play inside, instead. Invite family and friends over for a game night and set up board games in the living room. Make some fresh lemonade, turn down the air conditioners, and have fun together. Watching movies with the lights off or playing video games are also great ways to pass the time when it’s too hot to venture outside. Remember, the heat doesn’t just drain you, it can be dangerous to your health.

These are just a few of the best tips for creating a cool oasis and staying comfortable during a Flordia summer that you can follow. From having a new pool installed to ensuring sure your air conditioners are in top form, there are quite a few ways you can stay cool this upcoming summer season, you just have to know where to find them.