Fundraisers are a great way to raise money for any cause. Athletic fundraisers on the other hand can raise much more money as there are more people involved in the event. In order to successfully launch a sports fundraiser, there are many things you can do. Here are several tips to better organize a fundraising sports event.

Form a fundraiser committee to plan everything

First and foremost, you want to recruit people that have the common goal to raise money for a good cause. You want to create a team that can help you plan and get through the details of organizing this event. You want to delegate work as well so everyone can pitch in with their efforts. You can recruit people in your school, neighborhood, church, or any other organization you are working in.

Have a medical team available on site for any emergencies.

You will also want to coordinate with a hospital or clinic to have a medical team on the site for any emergencies that occur. An athlete may get hurt or lose conscience or a fan can get a heat stroke for example. You will want to have at least one person trained to give CPR in the event. On the other hand, you can learn it yourself by passing an exam for a CPR certification online from institutions like CPR Care. A CPR expert can provide first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation to adults and infants if they ever need it. Having someone with this certificate on site will give you peace of mind.

Be prepared with lots of hydrating options for your athletes.

Moreover, since this is a sporting event, you will want to have a water dispenser service and coolers available with great-tasting spring water for your athletes and the audience. You don’t want anyone to suffer from dehydration in a sports event. Water is essential for athletes to perform well as well as to keep your audience cool and refreshed.

Use public spaces for hosting the events free of cost.

When choosing a place for your fundraiser, be sure to look into options that are free of cost. This includes public parks, churches, and schools, for example. You will have to get a permit from the city or the owners of the property to use it for your public event. This will allow you to save more money from your proceeds.

Recruit athletes and referees

You will need to recruit athletes and referees for this event as the whole point is to have competitors perform for an audience. Your athletes can be the same people you go to school or work with or people in your neighborhood. You can put up sign-up sheets to collect their personal information such as names and phone numbers so you can arrange meetings with them. Also, having a referee is convenient because they will make the hard calls for you.

Prepare products to sell the fans and raise your funds.

Now, when it comes to actually raise the funds, you can do so by charging the entrance to the event, selling food, drinks, and water. Additionally, you can sell commemorative items like shirts, keychains, and stickers. People love belonging to a team, so make-up team names and colors and design the products with that in mind.

Set up the schedule for the different athletic events.

Furthermore, you’ll need to send out invitations for the event as well as post the event on social media so more people can join and participate. You want to set a date with a lot of time in advance and remind people so they can plan accordingly. The more people you get to the event, the more money you will raise.

Launch your fundraiser event.

Lastly, you’re going to want to launch the event. Once you have everything planned, your products are ready to sell, and your athletes are ready to play, it’s time to have fun and enjoy the day.