Traveling through the southern states is an experience like no other. Visitors from New York, Burlington, VT, and even as far away as South Africa can take in the unique history, vistas, and relaxing lifestyle that the south provides to travelers, visitors, and tourists. Some of the best places to visit in the south are hidden gems, but of course, there are still a number of fantastic destinations that are no secret to anyone.

Disney and the Sunshine State offer unending beaches and family fun.


Near the top of any list of southern states to visit in Florida. The Floridian peninsula offers an absolutely awesome beach holiday to anyone visiting for a summer, or even through the winter (as snowbirds from Michigan, VT, or New York will attest to). On top of the beaches that lie on nearly every inch of the Florida coastline, Disney World, Universal Studios, and a number of water parks are within a comfortable day’s drive of virtually the entire state. For family and even spring break vacations, Florida is a great option for a variety of holiday ideas.

Try Mississippi for an unforgettable change of pace.


Mississippi offers the Key to the South for many visitors who travel to Biloxi, Vicksburg, or Corinth every year. Mississippi is a historic state from top to bottom, and the centuries-old battlefields and network of Mississippi River towns offer something for everyone while enjoying their holiday time away.

In addition to the southern charm that prevails across the entire state, the music scene in historic Mississippi is to die for in all aspects. The nightlife and entertainment scene in Vicksburg and the entire Mississippi Delta provides more than enough pop for those looking for a roaring after-hours party.

Mississippi also boasts a fantastic menu for food lovers. The creole tradition that exists in center mass in Louisiana bleeds over into neighboring Mississippi. Along with the staples of this cuisine, great seafood, beef, and many other excellent restaurant options can be found here. The allure of this gem among southern hospitality and vacation destinations is often overlooked by those seeking out a new and exciting destination, but for those who look a little deeper, Mississippi offers an unforgettable trip of a lifetime.

Consider the Texas sun.


Texas is another great option for holidaymakers looking for a unique southern trip. Texas boasts some of the most diverse and exciting cities in the entire United States along with a fascinating local history that permeates the entire statewide community. With beaches along the coast and rural lands dotting the interior and northern spaces, there’s something for everyone in Texas as well.

Pack for success wherever you go.

One thing that’s important for anyone thinking of taking their next vacation in one of these fabulous destinations is attire. If you’re planning a trip to the south you might be surprised to know that the nights can see a significant drop in temperature that may be unexpected for those who’ve never visited before. Making sure to pack jeans, warm socks, and denim jackets the provide style and warmth is a crucial component of making this a trip to remember. Bringing your best denim will give you the style and confidence you need to enjoy every aspect of the trip while maintaining the comfort level that you deserve.

Planning a trip through the south is a great option for anyone today. The region has a lot to offer families, bachelor parties, and anything in between. Consider historic Mississippi, sunny Florida, or the diversity and excitement of Texas (among a number of other excellent destinations) for your next getaway.